Nft Entrepreneur has left the building and moved to NFT Business View, still written by Clyde F. Smith.

2021 About:

NFT Entrepreneur has been a great adventure so far and I’m glad you’re interested in joining me.

I’m tracking the emerging landscape of the NFT business world on a daily basis. It’s exciting, overwhelming and already, for some, incredibly lucrative.

The NFT Entrepreneur Newsletter is based on that daily research and comes out 4 times a month. Each issue is focused on a particular theme and is typically either a deep dive into a large number of news sources or a full-length article on a timely subject.

A growing array of NFT use cases can now be found but NFT Entrepreneur is primarily concerned with NFT art and media, from crypto art to unique collectibles.

In addition to subscribing to the NFT Entrepreneur newsletter, there are related resources freely available:

NFT Entrepreneur Website - newsletter archives and additional announcements including notice of my NFT articles for such outlets as The Defiant.

NFT Entrepreneur on Twitter - Daily tweets and retweets about current news and occasional snarky comments cause NFT business pundits and reporters say some silly things sometimes!

NFT Entrepreneur on LinkedIn - In addition to a dedicated page, you can follow or connect with me there. On LinkedIn, as well as Twitter, I’m pretty much all NFTs, all the time.

NFT Newswire - NFT Entrepreneur’s free NFT press release posting service with its own Twitter feed.

You can contact me on the above LinkedIn or Twitter accounts or use NFT Entrepreneur’s contact page.

We’re at the beginning of an amazing new phase of web development. I hope I can help you navigate the wild and sometimes rocky waters ahead.

Clyde F. Smith
Founder - NFT Entrepreneur